W Q 2 H - W K 2 X A H

WK2XAH FCC FX-Class 2200m Experimental Station
File Number 0992-EX-CN-2018, emission designator 6H00H1B

Transmitting on 137.475 kHz WSPR2 / 137.375 kHz JT9-1
~200mW EIRP using a Monitor Systems TVTR2 transverter,
a Flex 6700, and a modified Hafler P3000 PA

QSOs by SKED: JT9-1,2,5 or QRSS (depending on propagation)

WQ2H monitors 475.575 kHz JT9-1
and reporting to PSKReporter - QSOs welcome !


Image: The former Voice of America (VOA) Relay Station in Dixon California
officially decommissioned in 1983, although the towers remain in use by the DoD.